17-year-old develops an app to remind old people about medicine schedule

17-year-old develops an app to remind old people about medicine schedule

There are actually two ways in which you can make an impact in this world or grab the attention of  the people. One is by obviously  inventing and the other one is finding solutions to an existing problems. This article is about the latter one.

Everyday Scenario of senior citizens

Senior citizens in general are accustomed to taking medicines on -a -daily basis. That too in a country like India it is has become a habit just like brushing and taking bath. Yet the senior citizens fail to take their medicines most of the times.

Aryaman Kunzru

Finding solution to the problem

This was also the case with Aryaman kunzru’s grandma. So he was desperate to put an end to this one. Kunzru is pursuing his 12th grade at Canadian International school in Hong Kong. An idea came at the spur of the moment and decided to make an app.

How did he do it?

He was not a technical person in general. Inspite of that he took the herculean task of learning  how to make an android app through online courses. To be honest it was not an easy one, it took almost 14 months and eventually he was able to design the app (Dawai Dost).

Kunzru was on cloud nine that he was able to create an app mainly because of his sheer hardwork and dedication and above all he was not only able to solve the problem of his grandma but also the problem of many other elderly citizens too.

Simple and sophisticated

He designed the app in such way that it reminds you through voice notifications, so that the senior citizens will not  be able to find it clumsy with touch screen. And also it is available in both Hindi and Tamil languages in order to curb the language barriers.

An also it becomes an added advantage that large number of people will be able to use the app.

Users can either take the snap of the medicine or feed  the name manually and set the time of it’s daily consumption. Once done, the app will set the alarm to tell them it’s time for them to take medicine.

It also tells the users once the medicine expires through text and voice messages. The app is available in Google play store.

Though he not only develops Apps he is an Student Ambassador in ChromaUp as well as one of the founders of VirTune.

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