Students + Magazine = Studzine where the term Studzine derived from.

Studzine is the world’s first online students magazine (eMagazine or webzine), started by five college students who loves to share things among fellow people which they found valuable for them.

“Our idea begins with sharing the knowledge with others”

Studzine creates and curates the most interesting articles on Artificial Intelligence, Apps and games, Quantum computing, Fashion, Food and health, Science, Space, Startups and much more other than academics. Studzine features people’s interviews whose works are much appreciated.

Here in Studzine you won’t get bored while reading our articles. Articles featured on are unique, simple and crisp that any age group can easily understand. is launched on January 2017, we have reached 3000+ unique visitors in the first two months and our website has reached more than 12k+ unique visitors across the world during the following months without any promotions.

Thank you guys for your love and support, without you we would’t reach this far. Soon, we’re going to extend our reach for more audiences globally and we’re gonna come up with more fresh articles every day. So, Stay tuned, Keep yourself updated and Support us!

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