Your body is an Amazing Molecular Machine

Your body is an Amazing Molecular Machine

Every day in an adult human roughly 50-70 billion of your cells die. They may be damaged, stressed, or just plain old – this is normal, in fact, it’s called programmed cell death.

To make up for that loss, right now, inside your body, billions of cells are dividing, creating new cells. And cell division, also called mitosis, requires an army of tiny molecular machines. DNA is a good place to start – the double helix molecule that we always talk about.

Veritasium explains how our cells divide with the help from astounding realistic computer animated clips created by Dr Drew Berry at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research. Biological nanomachines are the molecular machines inside your body that make cell division possible. Those walking proteins are amazing.

Take a look at this video, you’ll be amazed

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