Smart way to prevent Smartphone zombies from accident

Smart way to prevent Smartphone zombies from accident

Today smartphone addicts are increasing day by day and this leads to many accidents as they go cranked down watching their smartphone screens.

For this a Dutch town has a clever idea to prevent smartphone users from getting run over by accidents.

  • The Netherlands is taking an interesting route to protect pedestrians—more specifically, smartphone-wielding pedestrians. One Dutch town is testing out strips of LED lights near an intersection so screen-starers will know when it’s safe and unsafe to cross the street.
  • You can find these test lights in the Dutch town of Bodegraven-Reeuwijk, which sits about 25 miles south of Amsterdam.
  • The street corners have LED Strips implanted in the sidewalks that light up red or green to correspond with when it is safe and unsafe to cross the street.

The idea have been done that more and more “smartphone zombies” have their necks cranked down at their screens. 

Similar pavement lights are being tested in the German city Augsburg, but one can only guess how soon you’ll see them illuminate your town’s sidewalks.

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