We might be nearing singularity

We might be nearing singularity

Technological singularity was a term coined by Vernor Vinge, the science fiction author, in 1983. “We will soon create intelligence greater than our own,” he wrote.

“When this happens, human history will have reached a kind of singularity, an intellectual transition as impenetrable as the knotted space-time at the center of a black hole, and the world will pass far beyond our understanding.”

He was unifying the thoughts of many of his predecessors, Alan Turing and I. J. Good among them.

What is Singularity?

Singularity is a future period where technological period is so rapid and it’s impact so profound that every aspect of human life will be irreversibly transformed.

There won’t be clear distinction between humans and machines our computers are not going be these rectangular devices we’ve put in our pocket they’re going to be inside our bodies and brain sand we’re going to be a hybrid of biological and non-biological intelligence.

Not much has happened 400 years back, but now within period of six months time, technology feeds on itself and it gets faster and faster in about 40 years the phase of change is gonna be astonishingly quick that you won’t be able to follow it.

Unless you enhance your own intelligence by merging with intelligent technology we’re creating so that’s such a profound transformation that we borrowed this metaphor from physics and call that a singularity.

Moore’s law is approaching it’s end

For the past 40 years, the technological industry has been driven by Moore’s law the famous prediction made by Intel co-founder Gordon Moore that the number of transistors on a microchip would double about every 18 months.

Because the closer together they run faster and so computers get twice capable overall. And at the same time we went from building to something that fits in our pocket.

Now we are approaching the theoretical limit and the process is slowing down. The problem is that you can only shrink transistors down so far before quantum effects between atoms cause them to malfunction.

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While chip technology is still advancing, at some point you can’t cheat mother nature anymore. And it is estimated that Moore’s will come to halt at sometime around 2020. This is a clear indication that this might be lead to singularity and is gonna revolutionize the world like never before.

While Moore’s law is coming to an end. Other things like quantum computing neuromorphic chips and 3D stacking are found be effective. We can expect progress to continue accelerating, at least for the next few decades.

Technology at it’s peak!

Kurzweil an expert in this subject believes that we’ll get to the Singularity by creating a super-human artificial intelligence (AI). An AI of that level could conceive of ideas that no human being has thought about in the past, and will invent technological tools that will be more sophisticated and advanced than anything we have today.

Since one of the roles of this AI would be to improve itself and perform better, it seems pretty obvious that once we have a super-intelligent AI, it will be able to create a better version of itself. And guess what the new generation of AI would then do? That’s right – improve itself even further. This kind of a race would lead to an intelligent explosion.

Singularity is like a double edged sword

The idea of approaching a technological singularity is both exciting and scary. While the prospects of technologies that are hundreds of times more powerful than what we have today will open up completely new possibilities, there are also inherent dangers.

We will also have to change view how we work much like in the industrial revolution when machines replaced physical labor, new technologies are now replacing cognitive tasks.

Humans, therefore, will have to become more adept at things that machines can’t do, namely dealing with other humans, and social skills will triumph over cognitive skills in the marketplace.

The end of Moore’s law will be the beginning or birth of Singularity (Artificial Intelligence). To prevent the rise or domination of Singularity over human race. We need to establish certain rules for achieving Singularity. Hence, experts in AI established a Ethics Committee.

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