Son’s asthma inspires a professor to create world’s 1st molecular air purifier

Son’s asthma inspires a professor to create world’s 1st molecular air purifier

Dharendra Yogi Goswami is currently a professor at the University of Florida who migrated from Delhi to the US in the late 90’s. Everything was going well until prof. Yogi came to know that his son was suffering from asthma. That’s when he was so desperate to find a solution for polluted air.

Problem with existing ones

I know that a question pops up in your mind what about the existing air purifiers that are currently available in the market? Mr Yogi tells us that existing air purifiers merely trap harmful pollutants.

All other purifiers simply filter the air. They would filter the dust particle. You can make them tighter and tighter but they would only filter to a certain size. There are a number of things in the air that can cause problems to us. Virus and bacteria are difficult to stop. Exhaust gases from automobiles and other emissions inside the building pass through the filters.

Necessity is the mother of invention

Dr Dharenra Yogi Goswami

He thus invented a device that takes that idea one step further and by destroys them altogether. Called Molekule, Yogi’s air purifier destroys allergens, mold, bacteria and viruses and also removes microscopic pollutants 1,000 times smaller than regular air purifiers. 

This technology breaks them down into benign products. Fungus pores start to grow on the filter. This technology breaks them down to the fundamental benign product.

Using light to cause a catalytic reaction, the purifier is able to completely disinfect the air of bacteria, viruses, mold and other spores to oxidize the particles to carbon dioxide and water. Not only has Goswami considered these pathogens, but also volatile organic chemicals in the air to be destroyed by the technology.

The struggle and the hard work behind the air purifier molekule

Dr. yogi was a solar energy researcher and a scientist. He has done a lot of work in this field. This invention came out of personal need. My son is asthmatic.

We could only control what he could eat to prevent allergies. Later we found that there were triggers in the air and we could do nothing about it. That is when he started looking into air purifiers.

We tried a lot but none of them worked. After I gave up on what was available in the market and started to think about solar technology which I had developed. That started my research in this filed.

It took a long time but I did develop the technology. In the beginning, it helped a number of people in my family and that’s when they decide to take it to the market.

And not only that Molekule has found the place among the TIME magazine’s “The 25 Best Inventions of 2017”. 

Molekule device

Other features of Molekule

Molekule chief operating officer and daughter of Yogi Goswami, Jaya Goswami Rao says, “HEPA (high-efficiency particulate absorber) filters remain the standard technology in existing air purifiers and, unfortunately, many harmful pollutants are too small for HEPA filters to trap. Larger pollutants like bacteria and mold may be collected by such filters, but they remain on the filter surface, multiply and are released back into the air. Because Molekule actually destroys even the smallest pollutants, they are permanently removed from the air you breathe.

Dr Goswami works and other inventions

Goswami is a Distinguished Professor and the director of the Clean Energy Research Center at the University of South Florida. He is the editor-in-chief of the journal Solar energy and has published more than 400 peer-reviewed articles and a number of books and book chapters. Dr Goswami has 19 books and 19 patents to his credit.

Also he is the inventor of the Goswami thermodynamic cycle. He holds 18 patents and many of his inventions have been commercialized and in 2016 Goswami was inducted into Florida Inventors Hall of Fame.

Dr Goswami advice for young students, “If you get ideas on new technologies, definitely pursue them — that’s how inventions are created.”

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