A Tokyo-based Startup going to start ‘Moon Ads’

A Tokyo-based Startup going to start ‘Moon Ads’

Nowadays ads can be seen everywhere on TV’s, youtube and while surfing web pages across the internet, these ads are annoying so much. Not only we’re going see ads on our devices and computers, a Japanese company taking ‘ads’ to a whole new level by displaying ads on the Moon.

A Tokyo-based Startup called Ispace Inc going to start ‘Moon Ads’ and the space startup said it raises $90 Million from the country’s biggest businesses, including Japan Airlines Co and television network Tokyo Broadcasting System Holdings Inc to ‘Start Moon Ads’ by 2020.

Credit: iSpace

Ispace says the initial business opportunity is mostly in marketing, including slapping corporate logos on its spacecraft and rovers and delivering images to be used in advertising.

A successful landing will also let the company offer what it calls a “projection mapping service” – a small billboard on the moon’s surface. The startup says there will be demand from corporations looking to show off their logos with Earth in the background.

Ispace got its start through Google’s Lunar Xprize, a competition sponsored by Alphabet Inc that will award $20 million to whoever can land and drive a spacecraft on the moon’s surface.

Takeshi Hakamada Credit: iSpace

Takeshi Hakamada, CEO of Ispace, said to Bloomberg “Human beings aren’t heading to the stars to become poor” at a press event in Tokyo.

Hakamada also says, “Among Series A funding rounds, this one is the biggest ever for Japan and the biggest globally for a space-related startup.”

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