World’s first Robot lawyer which solves your case for free

Leonardo Da Vinci built and designed the first robot in 1495. Since then, robots have influenced human lives tremendously. Today these robots are smart enough to defeat a world chess champion.

Yup, The robot Deep blue did once. The robots invented by the humans now have the innate ability to memorize the entire law book and also help you in solving cases in this world with help of technology.

A free “robot lawyer” that has overturned thousands of parking tickets in the UK can now fight rogue landlords, speeding tickets and harassment at work. 

Joshua Browder, the 20-year-old British student who created the aide  has upgraded the robot’s abilities so it can fight legal disputes in 1,000 different areas. These include fighting landlords over security deposits and house repairs, and helping people report fraud to their credit card agency.

“There’s so much exploitation going on where landlords aren’t behaving properly. I’m really excited about how it can help people,” said Browder.

“I’m not a lawyer by training, I just like building exciting products and training them. I don’t think there’s been enough innovation in consumer law.

The young entrepreneur has attracted attention from industry giants, signing a partnership with IBM and raising an undisclosed sum of money from Greylock, which backed Airbnb, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Dropbox.

The chat bot (DoNotPay) is powered by IBM Watson, the artificial intelligence machine that is designed to understand natural speech.

DoNotPay Robot Lawyer Demonstration video:


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At the moment, the robot lawyer can solve problems that involve a single document, such as filling out a form or writing a letter. Browder’s next challenge is to develop the tool so it can handle more complicated processes.

“I’m trying to automate whole processes like marriage, divorce and even bankruptcy, which ironically costs a lot of money,” said Browder. “I want to provide a free service for processes where you’d pay a lawyer huge amounts of money. I really think the law should be free.”

Browder plans to spend his summer holiday developing the areas of law the app can cover. “I’m working full time, 12 hours a day on it over summer to expand to as many areas as possible,” he said.

He said the app will always be free and for now he will develop it himself, with the help of some legal advisors in the UK and US.

You can interact with the chat bot here DoNotPay

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